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Real ~ A Boss Chick

Real - A Boss Chick, though unconventional, have paved her own way in society. Her multi-dimensional, charismatic, personality has earned her status in the underground world. She’s built up her own elitist brothel that has her set for life.


Real encompass the true essences of family, love, sex, lies and deceit. Real gives another meaning to the old cliché “love all, trust few”.


Maze ~ The Real Series #2

After the tragic death of Maze’s father, she is uprooted from her suburban home and thrown into a world where she has to learn to take care of herself. As a teenager, she discovers she is adopted which later sends her on a search for her biological parents. Meanwhile, she finds herself in a forbidden love affair, loses another family member, and unknowingly, slithers pass going to prison, all by the age of eighteen.


But there is a special characteristic about Maze that sets her aside from others in her circle. Maze is smart and no matter what is going on around her, she manages to graduate from high school in the top three percent of her class earning the graduating title of Magna Cum Laude. All her hard work pays off when she gets admitted into Florida University, on a full academic scholarship. There she would meet (her sister-friend) Ariel aka Real. Together they will discover Maze’s long awaiting desire;  just to realize who she was looking for was right under her nose.


Maze will bring tears to your eyes, make you laugh and mad as she invoke some life learned lessons.

Surviving Infidelity


After meeting in college, Kenneth Moran fall head over hill with Kathy, a fellow student. Kenneth shares his life dreams of becoming a minister as he would follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Intrigued with Kenneth life goals the two decides to tie the knot. But being a pastor’s wife isn’t what Kathy bargained for and as a result, she finds solace outside of her marriage. After learning of his wife infidelity, Kenneth life goes off in a tail spin. Kenneth ultimately loses everything he has worked for and has to fight to find his way back. Surviving Infidelity will leave you speechless!!!


This is a must Read!


The Boy Across The Creek


After Rose college boyfriend ends their two year relationship, she returns to the only place she knows where she could find solace as she tries to mend her broken heart. After taking a break from college and not wanting to return home, she finds herself on her family ranch with Aunt Annie, Uncle Sledge and her cousin Claude. There she learns the true meaning of love and family as she falls in love again. Her love is interrupted by her past that ultimately has a lasting effect on all who are involved.

The Boy Across The Creek has twists and turns that

continuously show the power of love.


Just as Maze is coming to terms with the demise of her close friend Real, she learns that all isn’t what it seem.


Who is working undercover now? How does it feel to be on the betrayal spectrum?


Unsuspecting love is developed as family secrets continue to unravel and old wounds are mended.


Forget what you thought you knew… Real brings more twist and turns as it remains true to loyalty and family.

Real ~ A Boss Chick 2 from The Real Series #3



Perfidious ~ Betrayal of Innocence is full of suspense, drama, and deceit. As a child, after witnessing the brutal death of her parents, Jodie made a solemn vow to get revenge on all that were involved. At the age of twenty-one, Jodie Lambert will inherit the controlling percentage of her parents’ oil company, Trion.


As suspects eligibly involved in her parents demise start popping up dead, a cloud of suspicion is cast upon Jodie.  Finding refuge in her friends Todd, Dawn, and Tim - Jody hope of finding her parents killer as she tries to clear her name.


Betrayal of Innocence build new relationships, destroys old ones and leaves no one from under suspicion.  This is one time you will think about keeping your enemies close.

Perfidious ~ Betrayal of Innocence

A Force Be Told from The Real Series #4

To family and friends, he is known as Quan. To others he is known by his street name, Force. Having to support his dying mother as a teenager pushed Quan down a road that forced him into manhood and introduced him to the drug world at an early age.

Now, years later, Quan has to deal with the ghost of his past. After getting shot, Quan’s girlfriend Maze, is left to deal with the devastating news of Quan being married. Quan has to work overtime to win back his true love, but which love will he choose? Will the love he chose, choose him? Get up and personal with the story behind the man.

The Real Series

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