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Interior Book Formatting Services


  1. Unlimited Consulting. Kahni Publications build a working relationship.

  2. The “Cleanup” of the manuscript of extra white space, paragraph indents and line spacing, mixed fonts, etc., for preparation of book with consistent styles.

  3. Professional layout and consistent formatting styles of the customer’s manuscript in full in the agreed size.

  4. Table of Contents: Properly set up headings in the manuscript including page numbers in the printed book.

  5. Delivery to customers of the proper PDF file set-up for submission to publishing or printing companies.

  6. Properly formatted Word Document for customer’s future use.

  7. Although we specialize in Createspace format, we will consider another format upon request.

  8. 48-72 Hour Turnaround time (Weekdays)Larger manuscripts (Over 200 Pages) allow up to five business days.



eBook Services Include:


  1. Unlimited Consulting

  2. We format from MS Word and PDF. We will try other versions.

  3. Linkable Table of Contents.

  4. Proper text flow for eBook devices.

  5. Hyperlinks

  6. 48-72 Hour Turnaround time (Weekdays)Larger eBooks allow up to five business days.

  7. Revisions: Unlimited free revisions for two weeks after delivery. After this date, additional revisions request cost a flat $19.00 for any reasonable amount of revisions.

  8. Output Formats: We provide both Mobi and ePub versions ready for publishing at Amazon, Nook, Smashword, Apple, etc.

Spend Your Time Writing

Never Format Again!

Kahni Publications will format your Print and EBook for you.

As an author, I know how tedious formatting can be. After all, who wants to be bogged down with hours of formatting?

Let us take some of the pressure off of you. 

Let Kahni Publications put the fun back into writing

Services Provided

* Print Interior Book Formatting


* E-Book Formatting

Get Started Now!

What service fit your need?

E Book Novella (Under 100 Pages) $39.00
Print Format $129.00
E Book Format (Over 100 – 200 Pages) $60.00
Standard Package Print & Ebook Under 200 Pages $150.00
E Book Format (Over 200 – 249 Pages) $75.00
Ultimate Package Print & Ebook 200 – 300 Pages $199.00
E Book Format (250 - 300 Pages) $110.00
Revisions after two weeks $19.00

Complete and submit the form below. Be sure to enter your needed service from the list above.

Thanks! Message sent. Please check your email for invoice.

Please allow up to 24 hours for response.

By purchasing services from Kahni Publications confirms your agreement to the above terms.

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