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My Editing Process

I remember the first novel I wrote. I was so excited that I had written a novel; I wanted to share it with everyone. I must have read that book a hundred times. Of course, each time I read it I would correct my errors. But, one common mistake that I soon learned was:

  • I couldn’t edit my own work. In my overly excited mind, everything was perfect. I thought I had captured all my mistakes. I remember publishing the book and of course, reading the publish copy and finding small mistake–correcting errors and re-loading. Now I always knew I needed an editor, but I was new at this process, so I was figuring it out along the way. I considered a professional editor and quickly realized I could not afford the prices they were asking for their services. So, I contacted a colleague from work, who happened to be an English teacher to edit by first five novels. Which turned out okay. She was truly a life savior. But I knew I was still missing something, but just wasn’t quite sure, what that was…

  • Next, I put out an Ad on Facebook, looking for an affordable editor, one who specialize in editing novels. I went through a couple at first, which happened to do a pretty good job. Overall, whoever you decide to work with, make sure you are 100% comfortable with them as a professional. Sometimes you may have to go through a few editors. It’s like buying a new pair of shoes; you keep trying them on until you get the perfect fit–not to lose, causing the heel of the shoe to flap and not to tight, causing your toes to pinch. You want the perfect fit. I recently came across an editor that fit my needs. She is thorough, and she provides an Editors Letter that aids me in further developing my manuscript. This young lady is very professional and has great turnaround time. I promise you will notice the editing difference in my next upcoming novel–Paths Interrupted. Thank you Crystallized Editing.

  • Software: As I continue to grow in this literary arena, I want to do as much as I can to perfect my writing skills. There are tons of software out there available for use. I have used Ginger. It is good for grammar checking, sentence rephrasing and more. Check out Ginger for more information. Today, I use Pro Writing Aid and though I am still learning the program; I am loving it. Pro Writing Aid provides you with style, grammar check, thesaurus, pacing, sticky, clichés, and much more. Try it for yourself.

Editing can be a tedious process, but I have learned there is help for everyone. Of course, there are nominal fees attached to services, but select an editor with in your means. Social media can be an avenue in filling that need. Do your research. Those that are serious about their business, often have websites for clients to review and compare services and prices. Do not let the lack of the editing process prevent you from maximizing your audience.

Keep perfecting your art.

Kahni -

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