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LaConstance McKinnon, also known as Kahni, was born and raised in Miami, Florida, in the community of Richmond Heights. She was raised by her grandparents, who instilled in her the strong family values and morals that govern her life today. LaConstance currently resides in Miami, with her husband -Samuel and their five children and grandchildren.

LaConstance has a B.S., in Business Administration, M.B.A., in Healthcare Administration, and M.S. in Education. LaConstance has always had a propensity for writing. However, it wasn’t until recent years that she actually tried her hand at writing to share with the world.

LaConstance released her first novel: Real - A Boss Chick in 2015. Since then she has released a total of 10 books, which include The Real Series–Real - A Boss Chick, Maze, Real–A Boss Chick 2, and A Force Be Told. Other novels include Perfidious–Betrayal of Innocence, Surviving Infidelity, The Boy Across the Creek and Paths Interrupted Splitting Hearts and Mending Broken Chyna.


LaConstance finds pleasure in writing strictly to entertain her readers. As of today, her genres range from urban/street literature, Christian literature, and general literature.

The projected goal for Kahni Publications, is to provide a service to assist up-and-coming writers in getting their work published.

L. McKinnon



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