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After the tragic death of Maze’s father, she is uprooted from her suburban home and thrown into a world where she has to learn to take care of herself. As a teenager, she discovers she is adopted which later sends her on a search for her biological parents. Meanwhile, she finds herself in a forbidden love affair, loses another family member, and unknowingly, slithers pass going to prison, all by the age of eighteen.


But there is a special characteristic about Maze that sets her aside from others in her circle. Maze is smart and no matter what is going on around her, she manages to graduate from high school in the top three percent of her class earning the graduating title of Magna Cum Laude. All her hard work pays off when she gets admitted into Florida University, on a full academic scholarship. There she would meet (her sister-friend) Ariel aka Real. Together they will discover Maze’s long awaiting desire;  just to realize who she was looking for was right under her nose.


Maze will bring tears to your eyes, make you laugh and mad as she invoke some life learned lessons.


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