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Another Mile Stone! Check...

I am ecstatic to announce that both The Boy Across The Creek and Paths Interrupted are out on Audio. Please support me by clicking over to my Shop and purchasing one or both of my audiobooks. For first timers, you can download my book for FREE.

I am really learning the publishing business as an independent author. For those of you who are interested

in putting your book on audio, wait no longer. I thought I would have to shell out a great deal of money up front, but as it turned out, ACX offered a couple of production deals that allotted me the opportunity to give it a shot and now, I have two books out on audio. It's nothing like hearing your written words read out loud.

If you are interested in putting your book out on audio, go

over to ACX and check it out. While you are there, don't forget to purchase my books.


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